We are Creative designers

Palm Studio was created with only one aspiration - To add More life to your brand. With its genesis in the Bangalore synonymous with the land of opportunity, Great Hospitality and Amazing People, it was imperative to deftly communicate our ethos, our vivaciousness and our thirst to give an stupendous shape to you and your brand. A need to constantly be in touch and maintain our association with our esteemed clients, paved way for a thought that conveys our inner quest for zenith, perfection and at most customer satisfaction. Hence, the name, Palm Studio, and yes we do very benevolently gift you the best in visualisation and in reality to tantalise your grey cells and the crave to increase your brand visibility. We welcome you to a awe inspiring and a luxurious world of PALM STUDIO.

Sulthan Sulaiman
Director - Account Management
Mohammed Juraij
Director - Finance
Mansoor Mohammed
Director - Business Relations - Qatar
Anisha Mariyam
Creative Consultant - Qatar